two summer loves

I’m proud of this piece, due in part to having written the texts myself. While I have written lyrics to my songs as a teen, written a libretto or two for my own operas, and translated and synthesized texts for various projects, I typically prefer to leave the poetry to the poets. Over the past year (COVID) however, like so many others I was revisited by many memories of my past… of summers and summer loves that had moved on, but for which some sorts of feelings still remained. This bundle in my chest that was both warm and cold, joyful and devastated, longing and fulfilled, at peace and regretful…

At first I thought I would just write a few singer/song-writer style songs just for myself to work these feelings out. But, as the poetry began to flow, I felt this text hit me deeper than any of my other writing projects- it was so much more personal and vulnerable…

When it came to the music, the lyricism and expression that feels so natural to me from years of singing opera was begging to be sung in that very style. This grand, lyrical style of singing, is grounded in the intimate and unidiomatic style of playing classical guitar in my bedroom, resulting in a 12 minute nostalgia drenched memory, divided into two movements, each about a different summer(love) in my life. Each memory filled with juxtapositions, references, authenticity, pretense, apologies, embarrassments, and, ultimately, goodbyes…

My good friend and amazing soprano Haley Whitney sang on this recording. I played guitar on the first track “these days”, and Vladimir Gapontsev, an amazing Russian guitarist I’ve collaborated with multiple times, played on “have a good life”.

Hope you enjoy 🙂

Check out Vladimir’s work here:

Look up Haley on instagram!

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