the midnight drive – short film

“Hey Dylan, can you make a quick iPhone video of you talking about your piece for our audience?”
“Nope! But- I will spend a week waking up at 5am every morning to make a short film introducing the piece.”

Here’s a brief introduction to my piece, the midnight drive to wake with family on christmas morning, a post-minimalist mediation on the internal holiday journey, commissioned by Palisades Virtuosi.

directed/written/shot/starring/scored by Dylan Trần
clarinet and flute in the soundtrack by
fire by Zandra Zemmels (at the Zemmels home)
filmed on a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6k
used a bunch of vintage and kit lenses from eBay

There wasn’t a recording made of the music, but I’ll give you a brief synopsis of the composition:

The first movement is minimalist, it takes place in my car as I drive the 4hrs from Nola to my hometown on Christmas eve (usually around midnight, since I sing Christmas eve services at a church in Nola). A bit nervous thinking of how I’m going to handle my family, but trying to remain positive and thinking of all the ways the weekend can go right. 

The second movement takes place at home. It is combative, trying to get along with my family while some family members (the piano in this case), use manipulative tactics and incessant thematic material to abuse and gaslight.

The third movement is another minimalist drive, this time back to Nola, as I’m reeling from the exertions of the weekend. Such altercations with family hurt not only our adult selves but (perhaps more so) our inner children who were victims of those same abuses early on. The last movement is almost twice as long as the previous movements because healing is often a longer journey than the events that necessitate it. 

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