Semi-finalist – Helene Wurlitzer Foundation Artist Residency

I have been awarded semi-finalist status in this year’s Helene Wurlitzer Foundation Artist Residency. That means that if one of the final composers drops out (lol), in 2022 they’ll be stickin’ me in an isolated adobe house in New Mexico for 2~ months, just to work on my compositions. Either way, this bad boy isContinue reading “Semi-finalist – Helene Wurlitzer Foundation Artist Residency”

Honorable Mention – Chorus Austin’s 8th Annual Young Composers Competition

I received Honorable Mention for my piece “dear heart,” in Chorus Austin’s 8th Annual Young Composers Competition. Especially with competitions like this, I actually really appreciate an Honorable Mention. To me it says,”Hey, while your piece wasn’t quite the best fit for our choir and what we’re looking for, we still acknowledge the quality andContinue reading “Honorable Mention – Chorus Austin’s 8th Annual Young Composers Competition”

Dylan Trần – Choral Music Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio for prospective choral commissions! Here are some highlights of my choral catalog to give you a sense of my sound, style, compositional approach, and collaborative process. As a singer and choral professional myself, I am intimately familiar with how different voices of varying ages and skill levels function in both soloContinue reading “Dylan Trần – Choral Music Portfolio”

My Boss Wrote an Article About Me

As some of you may know, I currently work part-time at the New Orleans Opera Association (NOOA) as a marketing coordinator. I do all sort of cool things: marketing and social media of course, but also videography, photography, journalism, interviews, graphic design, and even a little composing here and there. Last year my NOOA boss,Continue reading “My Boss Wrote an Article About Me”

Sing Out Strong: Essential Voices

I’m both humbled and excited to be taking part in this amazing project- I was selected back in September, but I forgot to post about it. My commission is getting its final cleanup right now; it’s a setting of a beautiful and heartbreaking text by Chiruza Mohammed (Boston, MA) for soprano, cello, and piano. ReadContinue reading “Sing Out Strong: Essential Voices”

Nominated for “Best New Classical Music Performance” in Gambit’s Big Easy Entertainment Awards

It’s true! My piece “String Quartet No.1 on Việt Themes” was nominated, along side pieces by Courtney Bryan, Lera Auerbach, and Marjan Mozetich. I’m thrilled to be nominated in such good company, and while I don’t anticipate an easy win against the likes of the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, I’m looking forward to a free brunchContinue reading “Nominated for “Best New Classical Music Performance” in Gambit’s Big Easy Entertainment Awards”