Film Scores

Composer Dylan Trần leading a scoring session at the Marigny Studios in New Orleans, LA
Photo by Dane Bachmann

“[His] talent is wild and [he was] a dream to work with and I can’t wait to do it again.”

Marion Hoàng Ngọc Hill, Director – Chú đi biển (Uncle, at Sea)

“His score brought new life to Goodnight, Moon and melded seamlesly into Schumann’s Mondacht. I couldn’t believe it was all improvised… a work of art on its own.”

Dr. Tara Melvin, Creator – Goodnight Moon/Mondnacht, The Story Book Project

“That was the most efficient scoring session I have ever been a part [of]… and I do A LOT of scoring sessions…”

Gabrielle Fischler, 1st Violin – Chú đi biển (Uncle, at Sea)
Directed by Marion Hoàng Ngọc Hill, Commissioned by TAAF, and Presented by HULU
Created by Dr. Tara Melvin, Directed by Dylan Trần, and Produced by New Orleans Opera
Written and Directed by Dylan Trần


Directed by Solara Thanh-Bình
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