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beautiful out here (2021)
performed by Journey Schaubhut and Dylan Trần
Text by Dr. Meg Frazier
My Life After Corona (2020)
performed by White Snake Projects
Text by Chiruza Muhimuzi
“Julianna” from Cura Personalis (2020)
performed by Julianna Espinosa
Text by Jerre Dye and Julianna Espinosa
String Quartet No. 1 on Việt Themes (2017)
performed by the MUSAICA Chamber Ensemble
Dance Suite No.1 for Guitar Quartet (2020)
performed by Valdimir Gapontsev
two summer loves (2021)
performed by Haley Whitney, Vladimir Gapontsev, and Dylan Trần
Text by Dylan Trần
Magnifcat (2020)
performed by the Trinity Episcopal Choir

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