Dylan Tran – Composer

“Fantastic, fantastic choral music.”
– Dr. Paul Weber,
Director of the Krewe de Voix Chamber Choir
on Tupelo Poems

such a sense of place.”
-Dr. Margaret Frazier,
Director of the New Orleans Vocal Arts
on Tupelo Poems

“The pieces are masterful in every way…
so inventive. Reminds me of Berlioz in the instrumental sphere.”
-Dr. William Horne,
Professor Emeritus of Music Theory and Composition at Loyola University New Orleans
on Tupelo Poems

“A brilliant first work in the medium. Lengths of virile, yet cunning, athleticism propel into moments of suspended beauty… Evocations are both exotic and intimately personal (no easy feat); a beautiful story…”
-Samantha V. Naidoo, Contributor at La Veritá dell’Arte
1st Violin at the Durban New Music Collective
on String Quartet No. 1 on Vietnamese Themes

“So fun, and SO GOOD.”
-Carol Rausch, Chorusmaster of the New Orleans Opera Association
on Rapunzel and the Four (Over)Eager Princes

Dylan Tran is a young Vietnamese-American composer currently based out of New Orleans, LA. His influences are numerous and ever changing, ranging from Hildegard to Ferneyhough and including dubstep, electronica, folk, rock, pop, theatre, and his own Vietnamese heritage. In his few years of composing, Dylan’s pieces have been workshopped and performed by musicians across the country and in Europe. The ‘17-‘18 season saw his film score debut as well as the premiere of a wind quintet for the Loyola Ballet Theatre. Dylan triumphed in the Pacific Edge Voices’ 2018 Call-for-Scores, emerging as one of five composers chosen from 300 submissions, and the only composer to have more than one piece selected. His Mass in E, workshopped in Périguex, France by singers from the Franco-American Vocal Academy, was premiered by PEV in San Francisco in December 2018. His String Quartet No.1 on Vietnamese Themes, composed in fulfillment of a fellowship awarded by the MUSAICA Chamber Ensemble upon winning their 2017 Composition Contest, will be premiered by musicians from the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra in April 2019.

Dylan is also an active singer, singing frequently with the New Orleans Opera Association as both a chorus member and comprimario. He has been a featured tenor soloist with the Krewe de Voix Chamber Choir, New Resonance Chamber Orchestra, New Orleans Vocal Arts Chorale, and the Marigny Ballet. Though he regularly performs a wide variety of music, he has gained considerable experience performing new and early works.

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