Dylan Trần

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Recent Updates

June ’22 – the implementation of a long-needed boundary premiered by Salastina (Los Angeles, LA)

May ’22 – Chú đi biển (Uncle, at Sea) directed by Marion Hill and commissioned by TAAF released on HULU (New Orleans, LA)

May ’22 – A Soldier’s Grave recorded by Coro Volante and M° Brett Scott for ABLAZE Records‘ upcoming album “New Choral Voices Vol. 6” (Cincinnati, OH)

April ’22 – Ba— poems from Ocean commissioned by André Chiang for his debut album (Las Vegas, NV)

March ’22 – miles from Tupelo Poems premiered by James Rodrigue and the LSU Acapella Choir
(Baton Rouge, LA)

Feb. ’22 – beautiful out here, advanced as a finalist for the 2021 Springfield Chamber Chorus Composition Competition (Springfield, MO)

“beautiful, confessional …it received a stunned reaction from the audience. [He has] gifted us an important piece. It spins an important narrative – one that many people are loath to acknowledge

Ron Levy,
Pianist of Palisades Virtuosi
the midnight drive to wake with family on christmas morning (2021)

“The pieces are masterful in every way… so inventive.
Reminds me of Berlioz in the instrumental sphere.”

Dr. William Horne,
Professor Emeritus of Music Theory and Composition at Loyola University New Orleans
Tupelo Poems (2018)

“So fun, and SO GOOD.”

Carol Rausch,
Chorus Master of the New Orleans Opera Association
Rapunzel and the Four (Over)Eager Princes (2016)

Dylan Trần (1994-) is a multi-media artist based out of New Orleans, LA. He views music as a form of world-building, poignantly evoking nuanced atmospheres within an intimately expressive writing style. At home among intersections, Dylan is unrestrained by genre, drawing on his vast experience as a performer on the opera stage, in chamber and concert choirs, new and early music ensembles, rock bands, funk bands, folk bands, film music, ethnomusicological foyers into his own Việt heritage, and more. So far, in 2022, Dylan has been commissioned by LA-ACDA, NATS, St. James Episcopal Church (Baton Rouge, LA), and baritone André Chiang. He recently visited Cincinnati, OH, to step into the studio with M° Brett Scott and Coro Volonte to record his piece A Soldier’s Grave, which will be featured on ABLAZE Records’ upcoming album, “New Choral Voices Vol. 6”. He is a member of the American Composers Forum, the Millennium Composers Initiative, and ASCAP.